Dr. Saleh Muslah Medical Center​


Dr. Saleh Muslah Medical Center (DSMC) is a full-service Primary Care Clinic and Retail Pharmacy in Dearborn, MI. Established in 2019, Dr. Muslah founded DSMC with one objective:

“To extend life through exceptional medical care.”


Dr. Saleh Muslah Medical Center is a full-service Internal Medicine and Primary Care facility offering quality patient centered care to our patients. Our experienced staff has serviced thousands of patients in the metropolitan area and is eager to provide you with the care you need. Our services are affordable, we accept many different health insurances, and offer several methods of payment.   

A full-service prescription pharmacy is housed within our medical center to fulfill all your medication needs. Have an appointment for a prescription refill? Conveniently see the doctor and have your medications filled on-site without having to make an extra stop on the drive home. Our experienced pharmacy staff coordinates with the clinic staff to obtain any prior authorizations or medical documents needed from the doctor to ensure coverage and low out-of-pocket costs.

With deep passions for knowledge and education, Dr. Muslah provides health professional students rotation and residency training opportunities. Dr. Muslah works directly with local Medical, Nursing and Physician Assistant School programs to provide future health professionals an opportunity to complete their training and gain a unique perspective about internal medicine and primary care. 






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